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Alternative Forms of Pain Management

Pain management is commonly thought of as using prescribed opioids (narcotic pain medication) to treat chronic pain. The truth of the matter is that any form of treatment that is effective in helping the patient in chronic pain can be termed pain management. This can be done by any method that decreases the pain, gets to the cause of the pain, or makes it so the pain is less intrusive in affecting a person's lively-hood.

Osteopathic manipulative treatment has been studied extensively and has been shown to have highly favorable results in treating chronic pain because it is directed at balancing the whole patient which can affect pain levels, get at the cause of the pain, and help make the pain seem less intrusive. I addition to osteopathic manipulative treatment there is physical therapy, aquatic therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and many other modalities to help with pain management.

Psychological pain management can be accessed through psychologists and psychiatrists. Patients may also find meditation to be helpful in pain management.

Pain management takes on a new dimension when patients initiate their own home rehab program. This can include exercises learned at physical and aquatic therapy. Stretching is helpful for easing tension and decreasing strains which in turn can help reduce chronic pain. Tai Chi and Yoga have been found to help patients with joint and back pain. There is a lot of Tai Chi and Yoga instruction available geared towards less flexible individuals, older people, and pain management patients.

There are a number of different prescribed medications that can help with pain management that are not opioids (narcotic pain medications) that your doctor can prescribe. There are also many natural remedies and supplements that can be used. Collagen may have favorable results in treating joint pain including pain caused by osteoarthritis. Alpha lipoic acid helps reduce neuropathic pain which is quite often found in pain management patients. Acetyl-L-carnitine and 5 HTP may help with symptoms of fibromyalgia including reduction of chronic pain.