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OMT is Effective with Pain Management

J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2008, Nov, 108(11):665-8

Patient perception of osteopathic manipulative treatment in a hospitalized setting: a survey–based study.

Pomykala M, McElhinney B, Beck BL, Carreiro JE

CONTEXT: Although many studies on the effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) have been published, few examine its role in treating hospitalized patients.

OBJECTIVE: To determine patient perception of receiving OMT while hospitalized.

METHODS: Patients were referred to receive OMT through a consultation service and were separated into four groups: medical, musculoskeletal, obstetric, or post surgical. The same osteopathic physician treated each patient and used various OMT techniques as needed. High-velocity, low-amplitude was not used. Patient perceptions were assessed 24 hours after treatment using a 10-question survey. Main outcome measures included pain, need for pain medication, anxiety about hospitalization, and overall comfort level.

RESULTS: Of the 195 hospitalized patients who received OMT, 160 (82%) returned the survey. Of these patients, 43% reported a decreased need for pain medication, 74% indicated a decrease in pain, 90% had reduced anxiety, and 98% reported that OMT improved their overall comfort level. In addition, 94% of patients felt OMT was helpful for their recovery, and 98% would recommend OMT for other hospitalized patients.

CONCLUSION: Osteopathic manipulative treatment may be of tremendous benefit to hospitalized patients, regardless of their diagnoses.