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Dr. Don Williams

Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT)
Workers Compensation - OWCP
and Washington L&I (LNI)

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OMT For Treating Workers Compensation Injuries

Workers compensation (L&I) in Washington state allows you to choose your attending physician. If you feel the need to change doctors, you simply are allowed to find a new attending physician who can help you with your workers compensation injury. Dr. Williams has been managing workers compensation claims in the Spokane area since 2006 and is dedicated to making sure you get the treatment you need.

As a specialist in osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) who is also board certified as a family practice physician, Dr. Williams is a doctor of osteopathy and is ideally suited to help you with your workers compensation claim or auto accident/car injury treatment. He can provide direct treatment to your injuries with OMT and manage and coordinate any medical diagnosis like a primary care provider managing your family practice needs.

Many workers compensation claims, and auto accident/car injuries involve trauma to your joints, muscles, ligaments, or spine and are good choices for treatment with OMT and may not need any additional interventions. But if you need medicine, radiologic studies, or referrals to surgical specialists, Dr. Williams can help coordinate your care.