Spokane Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Don Williams

Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT)
Workers Compensation - OWCP
and Washington L&I (LNI)

Spokane Valley Clinic

(509) 991-3054

10 Minutes from Central Spokane

Patient Testimonies

It was a crisp sunny day up on the mountains around Ice sickle Creek’s groomed Cross-country ski trails. My daughter was at her State Special Olympics Meet & had not been feeling well. She’s always had a difficult time expressing herself about Her feelings because of her mental retardation, but today would be an exception.

I saw her stretching out after a race & asked her if she was ok. She replied, “I be ok…Doctor Williams please.” All the other parents were shocked and amazed by her asking to see a doctor. After all our kids typically abhorred doctors because of all the medical concerns they have. So this was unheard of. The parents asked who he was and I said a Classical Osteopath in the Spokane Valley. Of course they then asked, “ Does it really work?” If she’s asking for him he must be doing a great job with her. My daughter was in a car accident several months ago. Her shoulder and back bothered her but shortly after Dr. Williams treatment she felt better even with physical therapy only Doctor Williams has been able to make a difference in her life.

Thanks, Dr. Williams!

I really like Dr. Williams’ method of Osteopathic treatment for a sciatica problem that I had. After only three visits, I have had almost immediate results from his treatments. I have less pain now, and it occurs less often. I am amazed at such positive results from his very gentle and relaxing, yet very effective treatment methods. I have never experienced anything like this from other forms of treatment.

I would highly recommend Dr. Williams’ Osteopathic treatments for any of the conditions listed as well as for the overall system balancing effect that Dr. Williams achieves.